A Summer Over Share (S.O.S.) from the President

We recently launched a Summer Over Share (S.O.S.) Contest inviting travelers to share their most embarrassing misadventures and enlightening experiences while journeying around the world. Some of the best stories will be posted here on the blog, and to kick it off Peak’s own President, Tyler Peak, shares his heroic adventure at sea…

Sailing to KauaiMy SOS involves something I did as a younger man…I sailed to the island of Kauai from San Francisco on board a 43 foot sailboat one summer about 33 years ago. As a member of the crew of 7 my watch was from 12 to 4 every day. 12 midnight to 4am and 12 noon to 4pm. The crossing took 19 days! The first 5 days out of San Francisco, we were in a very severe storm. Several of the boats crossing in our group lost masts and or rudders. We decided to head further south and play it safe, so that meant we were going “downhill” and falling into these huge troughs between wave sets. To fully understand the enormity of the waves we encountered those first few days, the waves were taller than the 45 foot mast! Try riding this out for 5 days straight wondering if the boat would rise up each trough. Five of the crew members were seasick the first week in part due to the storm but the secret to me not being seasick is I stayed on deck the entire time! Slept in my raingear and harnessed to the boat to be kept from being washed overboard.

Pilot whales at full moonAnother memorable thing that occurred about 12 days into the sailing involved pilot whales. It was very early morning, somewhere around 3am a full moon was getting ready to set on the horizon, the seas were calm and the wind mild. All of a sudden I heard a gush of air on the port side. Not knowing what it was I called my watch mate and to our surprise a pod of pilot whales came right along the side and paced our boat for about 30 minutes all the while being highlighted by the full moon’s reflection on the water. Magical! Many scary moments coupled with hours of monotony made for a unique opportunity to reflect on inner thoughts while at sea. I had never really had a chance to discover how small I was as a part of the universe until being on the ocean without seeing another boat or land for 16 of the 19 days at sea. It is very sobering and enlightening.

Have a hilarious summer misadventure or daring journey you wish to share? Email us your travel tales and enter to win a big travel related prize! If you aren’t familiar with the term, “overshare” means to provide more dirty details than you normally would…so let’s say you missed the ferry back to your cruise ship and had to catch up in another port, or you got caught by the airport dogs in Charles De Gaulle for trying to smuggle Camembert. Our favorites will anonymously go up on this blog for everyone to enjoy. Send your over shares to peakmedia@peaktravel.com