Peak Travel


Corporate Travel

Peak Travel occupies a unique position in today’s travel marketplace: Our status as one of the nation’s top 50 travel management companies gives us the leverage necessary to negotiate competitive discounts while providing global service through our network of worldwide agency partners. However, we’re just the right size to continue offering clients unparalleled, personalized service. This combination of attributes is tremendously valued by high-growth companies. Our market position, reputation for quality service, and commitment to continuously enhancing client-facing technologies has served our customers well. Peak Travel has grown from a family-run business to become a super-regional agency with offices in California and Oregon and annual sales in excess of $180 million.

Our founder, Tyler Peak, continues to oversee the strategic direction of the company with continued global expansion a priority. And with a professional staff averaging 17 years’ experience, we know our customers will continue to enjoy a “Peak” experience when working with our Travel Consultants.