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At Peak Travel, we offer a customized approach to account management. Your account manager will work closely with you to develop a business plan that quickly launches initiatives to meet all your needs for service and savings.

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As experts in the field, our account managers know and understand the best corporate travel
policies for companies. We will analyze your policy, edit it, or help you write a new one based on
our experience working with similar clients. Your policy will guide travelers toward discounts we
make available to you.


Your account manager will conduct reviews of your travel program focusing on the impact of your travel policy on performance, savings achievements and reaching your overall travel management goals.


You will receive in-person training on all technologies we install for you such as self-booking tools and Web-based reporting. Our people are responsive and will be available to answer further questions and offer technical support. Support of this intensity is instrumental in raising adoption rates of your self-booking tool, which reduces transaction fees.

Kind Words from Our Current Friends

Jodi is so reliable and on top of our account, that I would trust her with my own children. Especially due to the fact that she is able to point out which employees are not following policy!
Head of HR, Bay Area company.
With her immediate response time and vast resources, Olga is not only the best account manager to have in times of a travel crisis, but also during an alien invasion or zombie apocalypse.
Travel Manager from a Tech start-up

The Team

Account Managers

Some of the people who help your company save money so you get that Christmas bonus this year.


We average 20 years in account management and work with over 200 companies to save millions of dollars in travel spend each year. We get excited over things like quarterly reviews and online booking adoption rates.
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