Meet the Team

Fearless Leaders.

Who Are We?

As one of the nation’s Top 50 travel management companies, Peak knows travel and we love it. We fill an important niche within the industry—we are big enough to offer leading-edge technology and competitive discounts, yet small enough to always remember your name.

Our market position, reputation for quality service, and commitment to continuously enhancing client-facing technologies has served our customers well. Peak Travel has grown from a family-run business to become a super-regional agency with offices in California and Oregon and annual sales in excess of $200 million. Although we keep growing, and have an east coast office on the horizon, we remain one big happy family, and some of our employees have been with us for over 20 years.


Customer Satisfaction 99%
Leading Edge Technology 80%
Average Savings on T&E Expenses 20%
Stand-Up Comedy 4%

Meet the Executive Team

With an average of 17 years of experience in the travel industry, our professional staff is committed to getting to know our clients and dedicated to meeting their needs. Our personal touch is inherent in everything we do, and creates the foundation for strong and long-lasting relationships between our devoted team and clients. We love our jobs and have fun making you happy.

Tyler Peak


I’m a glass half full guy. / I’ll never be a scratch golfer. / I’d rather be hitting the slopes with my family than sitting on a beach.

Helen Leon

Executive Vice President

I’m one tough cookie. / I’ll never forget my Scottish roots! / I’d rather be riding horses!

Tom Walker

Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing

I’m always in sales-mode. / I’ll never go skydiving! / I’d rather be on the beach, skiing, or playing golf.