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Being that we are experts in the travel industry, we have seen it all. When it comes to planning a personal vacation, we work with you as if we were taking the trip ourselves. No request is too large, no concern will go unnoticed, and all your questions will be answered.

It could cost you less! We are travel consultants, not agents, and we’re one of the Top 50 travel companies in the US. That means we use our years of experience to match your request with our professional insights into which trip provides the best match, the most benefits and is most cost effective for your travels. Because of our volume of business we’re able to offer unpublished discounts, added amenities, special services and extra features. We do charge fees for our professional services, but in most cases you will receive more than the fee‘s cost in savings, service and benefits.
Yes. We have connections throughout the world and can arrange pretty much all types of travel to all destinations – including Solo travel, Family Travel, Honeymoons, Groups, Hotel stays, Cruises, Safaris, airline tickets and much, much more. Please browse our consultant pages to see our areas of specific expertise, where we’ve traveled to, and our recommendations.
Peak travel offers a special phone number for 24 hour emergency service with airline tickets. There is a special fee for using this service. Your agent will provide you with the number.
No. we will advise you when the providers require payment and will remind you prior to payment being due. We also refer you to the providers cancellation penalties.

Yes. We can book the flight for your trip using the relevant frequent flier information you provide, and will advise you of all options. We charge a fee for this service.
This varies Standard Carry-on dimensions is 45 linear inches so 22”x14”x9” or similar measurements and 40 lb. One carry-on bag and one personal item, such as a handbag or briefcase, is standard in the US. Each airline has acceptable dimensions and weight listed on their website. Internal flights in Europe, Africa etc have further restrictions, Please check with your airline, review your itinerary notes or confirm with your consultant prior to departure for the specific baggage and carry-on restrictions for your journey.
Stand-by no longer exists. With a confirmed reservation you may call to change your day or time of flight but most airlines charge a fee for changes plus you will pay any difference in cost of the flight.
Airlines give out upgrades based on availability of seating, type of fare and whether or not you’re a frequent flyer. Sometimes upgrades are given out for free. If there is space available, upgrades can usually be had for an increased fare.

While your passport is valid until expiration, many countries will not allow you to enter unless you have 6 months of validity remaining. It’s always best to renew your passport before you are at the 6 month point
Debit cards will work at most ATMs in many countries, however it is prudent to call your bank and advise them that you use are using the card outside the US. You should also call your credit card company so your card won’t be suspended for fear of fraudulent activity. Note there might be daily spending limits, conversion fees, and transaction fees.
Most cell phone service packages are for domestic USA only, however it is easy to add a short term plan to encompass your travel destination. Usually it just takes a phone call to your service provider. Prepaid international cell phones are another option.
Many popular museums offer two options. First – an English speaking guide who will take small groups throughout the day at scheduled times. You might have to wait 15 to 30 minutes for the next English guide departure The 2nd option is to follow numbered tags throughout the museum, using the museum handheld recorder, which is available for an additional fee. Don’t assume a museum will have written English translations. A local personal guide can often get entrance fees waived and may also have access to additional museum collections not available to the general public, due to the guide’s close relationship with the museum. They can guide you more efficiently through a museum or gallery of interest, plus they’re often able to arrange for tours pre or post opening hours – saving you both time and money.
Train travel has made huge strides in the amount of destinations and frequency of service in the last five years. More train companies have come into specific markets, and new routes are being added all the time. Train travel is how the locals move from city to city, country to country. There are passes for single and multiple country destinations. Point to point tickets (just like an airline ticket) can be purchased up to 60 to 90 days in advance with seat assignments. Train travel is affordable and reliable. It is highly recommended that you get train tickets prior to departing the USA. We are able to issue rail passes for most of Europe.

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